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Lets break it down.

  1. Who is this site for?
  2. What will I find on this site?
  3. Why am I different?
  4. What are my goals?

  • Who is this site for?

Spoiler alert. This site is for everyone. But more importantly this site is for anyone who wants to see the journey from a zero to a hero (hopefully). This site will be updated incrementally throughout my journey as a Masters degree student at Yeshiva University and I will take through the steps and methods I have taken to become proficient in cybersecurity. There will be no IT experience needed here.

  • What will I find on this site?

On this site you’ll find some ramblings of a mad man. You’ll find some blog posts on some topics regarding the certain security domains, current events, video tutorials for HTB and THM, some python and bash scripting tools (that we will make) and whatever else I think a person with no IT experience will need to succeed.

  • Why am I different?

You’ve heard me mention this “no IT experience needed” tagline more than once, the reason is because I was once that person and I am here to tell you that it is okay. We will work together and get through some of the hurdles that face us in this field together. So when you hear my video tutorials on HTB/THM machines, writing tools in python or even evaluating an attack, you’re getting the insight of a person who isn’t coming from the IT field but rather someone who has built there own IT world around them and maybe this is what you need to fully understand a topic.

  • What are my goals?

First and foremost, complete my Masters degree in cybersecurity. Secondly during my journey complete some certifications (more on this later). Some certifications I have my crosshairs on are: Net+/Sec+, eJPT, OSCP, CEH and CISSP. This list is subject to change but for now this is where I am headed. Lastly, my goal is to get a job and share the experience with all of you. I am an open book (with a secure password of course) and if you have any questions connect with me on social media and lets have a chat.

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