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Cracking the OSCP

When it comes to certification’s the OSCP is the gorilla sitting in the corner. It’s a behemoth of an exam, testing your technical abilities, mental strength and creative thinking skills all under the careful eye of a proctor for 24 hours. Add to that, Offensive Security is super tight lipped about the exam and for […]

HTB – Blue

After Cronos gave me enough trouble between the SQLi and the reverse shell I wanted something I thought would be straightforward. So I went with Blue which if I can bet involves EternalBlue! Right to it with NMAP: An older version of SMB, lets poke around. Bingo. I really wanted to do this in Python2 […]

HTB – Cronos

In Cronos we get exposed to some new and some old! Some DNS enumeration followed by SQLi with a bit of OS command execution will get us on the box. Privesc we abuse a particular cronjob. First, our can: 22,53,80! DNS enumeration: First step is to resolve the IPs of Cronos, use nslookup Any time […]

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